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Travelers Welcome!

My name is Geisel (Hazel with a G) Power, a dedicated Travel Advisor planning exceptional travel experiences that will make you feel extraordinary!

I’ve worked in the travel industry dating back to my high school days, many hats I've worn since with one constant, my love for travel. My early travel crush, led to a degree in Hospitality Management and moving to the Caribbean before I turned 21, to start my Hotelier carrier. In my 22 years in the Hotel industry I worked for renown hotel groups such as IHG, Melia and Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts. I’ve traveled to over 40 countries fascinated by every destination, every culture and every new experience. Once I left the corporate life behind me, launching my own travel business was simply meant to be, so Travel by Geisel Power was born. Everyday I am marveled at how the relationships I’ve built, the connections I’ve made and my gained knowledge in the luxury travel industry, play a key role in the tailored travel itineraries I design for friends, couples, families and solo travelers alike. I am honored with the responsibility of planning experiences that turn into lifetime memories, now how cool is that?  I also enjoy traveling as much as I can. I love to explore new destinations, hidden spots and trends, as much as I enjoy meetings the world’s leading travel contacts, receiving first hand tours of the most incredible properties and sites and wrapping it all in a bow with local delicious food (and cocktails). All of these tips and information is passed on to my travelers in detail and with gusto, as there is nothing I enjoy more than reliving my trips, it is the best! When I put together an itinerary, I want to be absolutely positive that this experience will have a strong emotional connection with my travelers, allowing them to see the world on their own terms. My ultimate goal is to create exceptional travel experiences that make you feel extraordinary. I invite you travel with me!